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I’n my way to Melbourne for two months to do a house sit so need to find great options for coworking spaces in Melbourne. Within minutes googleing I found numerous options for my “away office”, which is great. As Melbourne is big city it is great to see coworking spaces all around the city reducing time spent on tram to get there, and not just in city centre but in suburbs. 

As it turns out Melbourne offers great selection of coworking spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Many of the spaces are also heavily community focused and organize various events for members. Some offer free trial pass so you can get to know the space and decide if you want to set up your office in their space. All of them offered free coffee but I wonder if the coffee is as good as from café as Melbourne is renowded of its superb coffee culture.

I have (yet) been to any – if you have please comment below and let me know what you though of these places. These are in no particular order.

Epic Office Share

270 Church Street, Richmond and 501 Church Street Richmond

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Epic Office Share is a coworking space based in two locations in Richmond. They offer dynamic and friendly space where to work one day, week or even full year! Epic offer flexibility, full range of services as well as community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Space

Level 1 41 Stewart Street Richmond

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The Space is in one of the oldest building in Richmond, former Australia Knitting Mill, is now bubbly hub for entrepreneurs and freelancers. There are some companies who have their office in The Space but they welcome all visitors no matter how long you are planning on staying. You can even collaborate with someone in next table or have a break and play game of table tennis!

HUB Australia

Level 3, 673 Bourke Street

melbourne coworking spaces

Community is the heart of HUB Australia and they welcome all types of freelancers and entrepreneurs whether its short or long term. They also have range of events happening on weekly basis and their memberships offers more than just a desk and chair! HUB has three locations in Australia; Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide – great if you want to travel around! Read more about HUB community on their website.

Collins Collective

Suite 6, Level 6, 20 Collings Street Melbourne 3000

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Centrally located Collins Collective offers space for entrepreneurs and freelancers to come in for one day or stay for longer. Like many coworking spaces – Collins Collective is a space for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs of all kind. On top of work space you get free coffee, tee and couch where to take  break.

Your Butter Factory

62-66 King Street, Melbourne, 3000

melbourne coworking spaces

You cant work there for just one day but can opt for part-time membership which allows you to work for one day a week for a month or reserve your own desk as a full-time member. If you work best during evenings and weekends they also offer After-Hours option. Your Butter Factory hosts start-ups in mostly in consumer internet space. You could also score funding for your start-up when renting a space here! Its right in the city centre so you can get there easily with extensive tram network in Melbourne.

Am I missing a space on the list? Do contact so I can add yours to this list – and invite me to work for the day and I’ll write a review!

by Nina Kolari


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