1-to-1 Coaching is great way to change the direction of your life and become Location Independent. Coaching I offer, is done via email, Skype or live if we are in same part of the world.

In case you have not read “about section”, my own goal was to have my own business and have it so that I can be global and mobile. That means that in many cases I can not offer face-to-face coaching as I do move around the globe few times a year, but if you want to do what I do – you cant find better coach than me! I practice what I preach so to speak.

I have many years of experience both from corporate world and being in business on my own so I can definitely help you get started in this adventurous new chapter in your file. I am very creative in thinking new freelancing opstions and I love to talk business and help others succeed.

What is discussed during coaching sessions:

  • Your ideal life and how you can achieve it.
  • Your skills and how we can use those to the success of your new adventure.
  • Brainstorm your new career/business/travel/life…
  • Support to get you going, support quitting your job, support starting your new life, support in telling your loved ones of your new adventure, support in every step of the way!
  • How to start and grow your freelancing business, find your target market, set up your freelancing profiles, websites etc.
  • How to manage your freelancing business on the road and what is needed for online work. Practicalities that must be discussed and believe me there is solution to everything.
  • How to break into freelancing market, how to master LinkedIn and have profile that gets attention.
  • How to write killer CV & proposal letter.
  • Time frame, money, marketing, strategy, house, flight tickets & choosing your first location and other practicalities and anything else depending on your current situation. It sounds a lot but really is not and to ensure success we will cover every corner so that you are prepared and ready to hit the road!
  • Culture shock – it will hit you for sure and you need to be prepared!

Location Independent Coaching

1-to-1 Coaching is great way to start your new life! Coaching is done either via email or Skype.

Skype Coaching

Coaching can be done anywhere, anytime. You work at your own pace when it suits you best. Some like to do these in the mornings, some evenings, some at lunch brake. You are not in “a spot” so you can take as much time as you need. You can easily go back to email from past to check what you wrote and what I replied. And keep the records as long as you like.

Live Life Coaching

This can happen but it does require we are located in the same part of the world, check out my current location from Home page. If you are interested live life coaching drop me an message on nina(a)