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Reviews of coworking spaces around the world.

Coworking Spaces in Melbourne

I’n my way to Melbourne for two months to do a house sit so need to find great options for coworking spaces in Melbourne. Within minutes googleing I found numerous options for my “away office”, which is great. As Melbourne is big city it is great to see coworking spaces all around the city reducing time spent on tram to get there, and not just in city centre but in suburbs. 

As it turns out Melbourne offers great selection of coworking spaces for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Many of the spaces are also heavily community focused and organize various events for members. Some offer free trial pass so you can get to know the space and decide if you want to set up your office in their space. All of them offered free coffee but I wonder if the coffee is as good as from café as Melbourne is renowded of its superb coffee culture.

I have (yet) been to any – if you have please comment below and let me know what you though of these places. These are in no particular order.

Epic Office Share

270 Church Street, Richmond and 501 Church Street Richmond

melbourne coworking spaces

Epic Office Share is a coworking space based in two locations in Richmond. They offer dynamic and friendly space where to work one day, week or even full year! Epic offer flexibility, full range of services as well as community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Space

Level 1 41 Stewart Street Richmond

melbourne coworking spaces1

The Space is in one of the oldest building in Richmond, former Australia Knitting Mill, is now bubbly hub for entrepreneurs and freelancers. There are some companies who have their office in The Space but they welcome all visitors no matter how long you are planning on staying. You can even collaborate with someone in next table or have a break and play game of table tennis!

HUB Australia

Level 3, 673 Bourke Street

melbourne coworking spaces

Community is the heart of HUB Australia and they welcome all types of freelancers and entrepreneurs whether its short or long term. They also have range of events happening on weekly basis and their memberships offers more than just a desk and chair! HUB has three locations in Australia; Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide – great if you want to travel around! Read more about HUB community on their website.

Collins Collective

Suite 6, Level 6, 20 Collings Street Melbourne 3000

melbourne coworking spaces

Centrally located Collins Collective offers space for entrepreneurs and freelancers to come in for one day or stay for longer. Like many coworking spaces – Collins Collective is a space for start-ups, freelancers and entrepreneurs of all kind. On top of work space you get free coffee, tee and couch where to take  break.

Your Butter Factory

62-66 King Street, Melbourne, 3000

melbourne coworking spaces

You cant work there for just one day but can opt for part-time membership which allows you to work for one day a week for a month or reserve your own desk as a full-time member. If you work best during evenings and weekends they also offer After-Hours option. Your Butter Factory hosts start-ups in mostly in consumer internet space. You could also score funding for your start-up when renting a space here! Its right in the city centre so you can get there easily with extensive tram network in Melbourne.

Am I missing a space on the list? Do contact so I can add yours to this list – and invite me to work for the day and I’ll write a review!

by Nina Kolari

Hot Desk Bangkok – Servcorp Review

Hot Desk Bangkok – review

I was invited to work for one day at Servcorp offices at Park Ventures Ecoplex on Wireless Road in Bangkok. I spent a day working on their business lounge and here is my review of their hot desk in Bangkok.

Servcorp provides virtual offices, Executive Suites and Office Space all around the world. I visited in their Bangkok Park Ventures branch but am sure offices around the world are more or less identical with their service offerings.

You can access Park Ventures building directly from BTS Ploenchit walkway (exit 2). This is fantastic as Bangkok is one hot city making walking outside the last option on the list.

 First Impressions

Before you get to level 18, where Servcorp office is, you need to get a visitor pass at Park Ventures reception at the lobby. Take an ID with you as they’ll request it. You’ll get a visitor pass that allows you to go up to Servcorp offices. As you arrive to the 18 floor you are greeted by very friendly receptionists, great view of Bangkok city and professional atmosphere.

Hot Desks & Office

Hot desks, currently six cubicles, are just behind reception and provide comfortable area to work at. There is a small table space, phone, pen, paper plus two power outlets to use, so pretty much everything one needs to work effectively. Around the corner you’ll find kitchen with complimentary coffee, tee and drinking water as well as TV with CNN news channel.

I found table space big enough to work on and together with very comfy office chair, really cannot complain. Office chairs especially are comfortable and fully adjustable making it not only great place to work but also highly ergonomic one too. Nice change for fixed table and chair combo in a coffee shop!

Lighting on the desk and in the office area are sufficient and general decor is similar to what you would except from any virtual office/office space provider.

They do play music in the background, and most of it during the day was classical so if that is not your cup of tee, bring headphones and your own tunes. I did not mind the music at all as it was not distractingly loud. I have read that music increases productivity and I did certainly had great results at the end of the day.

During the day there were few people working in the cubicles but walls are pretty high so you are not distracted by others.


Location could not be better, it is just off Ploenchit BTS station with direct walk way from the station. There is a coffee shop and 7/11 downstairs plus numerous local and international restaurant options for lunch in the area.

To Sum up

I worked full day at one of the hot desks and must admit was very happy with both Servcorp services and my work results.

Would I recommend Servcorp? Absolutely.

I did love their hot desk set up as it was very comfortable with great office chair, service was excellent and coffee was good. I occasionally work from virtual offices, have been to few in Bangkok and Servcorp did not disappoint in any way.

Here are few photos from Servcorp office. First is photo of my work desk for the day, second is of the great view into Bangkok city and third complimentary coffee, water and a cold towel – lovely way to start a day! Top photo on this post is the view you can admire from the office – shame it was a cloudy day.

servcorp-review servcorp-review2 servcorp-review1


Location: Level 18, Park Ventures Ecocomplex, 57 Wireless Road, Lumphini, Bangkok. Nearest BTS is Ploenchit station, just couple of minutes walk via walkway (exit 2).

Opening hours: 24/7 access if you have monthly pass.

Cost: Depends on frequency, casual daily bass for example is THB 950 / day, 24/7 business centre access THB 8,500 THB / month. Check various options, and discounts for longer term contracts, on

Internet: Unlimited fast wi-fi. You get log-in from reception.

Noise level: Very quiet except general office sounds – copy machine is right next to hot desks. They play background music that is mostly classical so bring headphones if you prefer other type of music.

Tip: skip Dean & Deluca on the way and have your coffee at Servcorp as its pretty good, plus bring your own music if you are not into classical music.

* I was offered free day pass by Servcorp in exchange of writing this review. I genuinely enjoyed working there and would not hesitate to work there again – and paying for the service.

Review by Nina Kolari


Coworking space in Chiang Mai: Camp

blog-Camp-review4Chiang Mai got its newest co-working space few weeks ago when the new shopping center Maya opened in west side of the city in trendy Nimman area. Camp is the new coworking space in Chaing Mai both for locals and expats alike.

 Camp is a co-working space and a café where both locals and expats hang out and get work done. There are always many students studying there, as well as many digital nomads working on their projects and blogs. For the price of cup of coffee or any other beverage, you get two hours of free internet. Drinks and food are moderately priced; large coffee frappe for example is 55 BHT and can of Sprite 20 BHT.

At Camp they have different type of tables and areas where you can work. You can choose regular table and chairs, or go for high table and stand while working (very good for you and your health by the way!), or choose to sit a bean bag or any other table/chair combinations available.

They offer high speed reliable wi-fi for two hours for all customers who purchase a beverage. If you do not need internet you can work for free. I was able to log in to wi-fi easily without any issues and found internet to be fast and reliable most of the times. I have not heard any down serious time happening since opening.

Lighting is good in the area as there is plenty of natural light coming in from the large windows yet you don’t suffer from direct sunlight to your laptop screen. Some areas are tad bit on the dark side but generally lighting is good.

Staff is friendly and really helpful. I’ve heard that at some point in the future Camp will be open 24/7 but could not confirm when, if ever, it will happen.

I’ve been working from Camp for few days now and overall it has been good experience. Coffee has been good which is pretty bid deal for me, and I’ve always gotten the table I wanted – but then again I’m there early. In the beginning Camp was very noisy as they kept the door to the movie theater open but have since decide to keep front doors always closed – smart move! Added bonus is pretty awesome view towards Doi Suthep from Maya’s terrace.

 blog-Camp-review3 blog-Camp-review blog-Camp-review2

Location: Maya Shopping Centre in the corner of Nimmanahaeminda and Huay Kaew Road.

Opening Hours: same as Maya’s Monday Friday 11- Saturday 10-

Cost: moderately prices coffee and beverages starting from 20 BHT for a can of coke

Internet: high speed and reliable wi-fi. I’ve never had any problems either logging in or using the wi-fi although at times it can be bit on the slow side.

Plug: plenty available on the table, floors and walls.

Noise level: high at times – don’t forget noise cancelling earphones and your best work tunes.

Tip: be there early as Camp fills up quickly!

Camp review by Nina Kolari

Coworking Spaces in Bangkok

Bangkok is an hot spot for online freelancers and online entrepreneurs in Thailand. Many work from home but there are options if you wish to rent hot desk at times. Here’s a list of coworking spaces in Bangkok. You can rent just a desk for a day or fully services office space.

Are we missing a space on the list? Do contact us so we can add more to this list.

Klique Desk


94 Soi Sukhumvit 23 (Prasarnmitr), Bangkok

coworking spaces in bangkok klique desk

Klique Desk offers unlimited high-speed internet together with hot desks to work from. You can also rent a room and services such as business address.


19 Soi Ekkamai 4, Sukumvit 63 Rd. Bangkok

coworking space bangkok hubba thailand

Hubba is not just coworking space but a community for freelancers, entrepreneurs and innovators . You can rent desk or fully serviced office space. They also organize events for members which is great for networking and mingling with like-minded people.


Krits Building 2nd floor, 1032/1-5, 14 Rama 4 Tungmahamake, Sathorn, Bangkok

coworking space bangkok basecamp

Latest addition to coworking spaces is Basecamp located three minute walk from Lumphini MRT. Basecamp offers hot desks, office space and services. Rates start from 199/day and up, but offer one day free trial for individuals. You get to use reliable and high-speed internet, unlimited coffee and water as well as mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Know another coworking space in Bangkok or have you worked in any of above spaces?

By Nina Kolari

Coworking Spaces in Chiang Mai

Here is a review of coworking Spaces in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At times its great to do some networking while working around the world, and coworking spaces are perfect for this! These are little bit hard to find but I have done the research for you and here are coworking spaces in Chiang Mai. Some I have been myself, so I will check out when I have bit more time. Check respective websites for opening hours and cost.

If you have worked in any of below spaces or know another one, I would love to know, so drop a comment below.


14 Sirimangkalajarn, soi 11, Chiang Mai


Punspace is lively coworking space in central Chiang Mai. You can find it near hip Nimman area, just outside the old city/moat. Take a songtaew from city for 20 THB. It offers both indoor and outdoor working area together with lively and creative atmosphere. They offer hot seats, Skype room, reliable wi-fi, unlimited coffee, comfortable chairs and much more. You can purchase day pass or monthly memberships. Check out Punspace website for details.


Room 301, Kantary Terrace, Nimman Haemin, Soi 12

Latest addition to Chaing Mai coworking space is Gurubox, which also is located in the Nimman area of the city. Gurubox is a library, cafe, meeting room and more.


Nimmana Haeminda Road, soi 17, Chiang Mai

Coffeeshots offers coworking space for digital nomad either for a day or long term, and is located couple of minutes from city centre in Nimman area (. Like Punspace Coffeeshots is on Nimman area meaning you can get their quickly and cheaply. While working there you get wi-fi, desk and great company. Read more here.

Coffee Monster

Coffee Monster

149/7 Tambon Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai

Coffee Monster is not exactly a coworking space but a coffee shop where lot of digital nomad work on weekly basis. For a price of a cup of coffee you get to work for free as long as you like. Downside is that it is fair bit outside the city so you really need your own transportation to get there. You could get songtaew or tuk-tuk but best to agree ride home as it may not be easy to hail one when you want to get back to city. Or live near Coffee Monster, like many nomads do.

Numerous Cafes around the city

Great thing about Chiang Mai is that there are hundreds of cool cafes around the city. Majority has great wi-fi together with delicious food and hot, or cold, coffee. Upside you get to eat while you work, downside cafes can get quite busy at times. One example of a cool cafe where you could be working is Marble Arch cafe and restaurant, Birds Nest Cafe or Goat Coffee Chiang Mai.

Know another coworking space in Chiang Mai or have you worked in any of above spaces? I appreciate a  share, if you think someone else might benefit reading the list.