New here?

Stumbled upon Anywhere Freelancer first time and wonder what this website is all about?

Great, that you asked as I happen to love to talk about Anywhere Freelancer! Not just because I think its amazing lifestyle but because I love to help others to become corporate fugitives and start work & live happy.

I learned couple of years ago that life really is unpredictable and it can end in a flash. Or course I always knew, but I really did not. Until that one single day when my life took another turn. But enough of that…

This page is for all wannabe location independent / wanderers / travelers… who wish to quit 9-to-5 and start online freelancing career that enables them to work anywhere in the world.

Here’s couple of my “office” views over the years plus couple of that are my goals.

Want to join my tribe?

My tribe has pretty amazing benefits to enjoy, like…

  • live anywhere in the world – really anywhere! You just need internet connection.
  • set work hours to match your lifestyle, not the other way around like in corporate world.
  • see the world, travel, taste amazing street food, meet the locals, learn new cultures…..
  • alarm clocks are banned in my tribe – nothing beats waking up one you’ve slept enough not when your boss says you need to.
  • you get to say “you’re fired” to your corporate boss! This really should be number one…

There’s no dental plan as an Anywhere Freelancer but with ability to travel you could just hop on a plane and fly to Thailand and get it done super cheaply – and all while working online! See Coaching options for location independents.

Career options for Anywhere Freelancer?

Career options are as varied as are freelancers; it all depends on your skills and what kind of what gets you to wake up on Monday mornings. Here is just couple of examples of what you could be doing:

  • online customer service, sales, SEO consultation, website design, project manager, recruiter, assistant, travel writer, photographer…

There are as many career options as there are people. Hundreds of jobs are posted daily on various freelancing sites where you can get started. See list of freelancing sites where you can apply for jobs.